As artificial intelligence technologies become more sophisticated and are widely employed in many different applications, a large variety of AI boards and systems are available in the market for realizing the AI technologies in various fields. At the same time, a wide spectrum of AI system design choices in terms of inference latency, power consumption, and memory footprint can be considered for those various usage scenarios (e.g. from mobile phones to smart speakers for consumers; from smart surveillance systems to IoT industrial applications).
NeuralScope.org, an independent organization, is aimed to benchmark and compare the functionality and capability among most up-to-date AI systems and development boards across the landscape of the AIoT application domains. We hope to help developers of those most innovative and trailblazing industrial companies for their choosing the most appropriate AI systems. Also, we provide services for them to realize various AI models in the fields.
NeuralScope.org is run by the AI System Benchmarking and Tuning Lab, in National Chiao Tung University at Hsinchu (near Hsinchu Industrial Park), Taiwan. All interested users are welcome to contact us for inquiring detailed information about the published comparison results. These suppliers of AI systems and development boards are also welcome to provide new products for our benchmarking and evaluations.

Current Version: 1.1.3
AI System Benchmarking and Tuning Lab, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Support & Advice: Tien-Fu Chen